|About Us|

Promptweb hosting started in 1999 providing hosting for fledgling enterprises needing a web presence with dynamic content.

In 2005, a web design and development company was forced to close. This left a number of customers with perfectly good web sites with no-one to manage the code, or ensure a platform was in place to support them. Promptweb tool over the customer base, ensuring the web sites continued to function correctly, and assist customers, continually ensuring their web sites work smoothly.

Promptweb is based in South East London, headed by engineer Nicholas Hill, supported on as as-needed basis by other engineers, focusing on web site security, continuity, and seamlessly implementing design and system changes for customer's web sites.

Why Promptweb?
If you have a live, content management driven web site, for example, running on Joomla 1.0.15, and you are not able to migrate (eg you have a large database stored in un-supported modules), you need special web site support. You need a web hosting provier committed to offering support, and who is prepared to assist through technological transitions. Promptweb specialises in the needs of customers once the web designer has done his job, and the technology he used falls out of support. Sooner or later, it will happen to any web site. If you don't have the managed support, the web site will fail. Promptweb provides that expert managed support you need. Not only lettig you as the customer know what is needed, but by implementing your needs.
What promptweb is, and isn't
To best understand what is destinctive about Promptweb's service, it is best to first say what Promptweb isn't;

Promptweb doesn't provide standard control-panel access web site hosting. That is best done by companies such as dataflame, 1&1 etc.

Promptweb doesn't provide a template driven web site creation tool. This is best provided by the likes of 123-reg, GoDaddy and Vistprint

Promptweb doesn't provide raw network connectivity, or space in a rack, or a raw server platform. Thsese services are best provided by companies such as uk2.net, Linode, Rackspace etc.

Promptweb DOES cater for companies and individuals who have a web site who don't want to learn the technicalities, but just want it to work fast and reliably, regardless of any technical 'excuse'.