Promptweb hosting provides managed internet solutions for small enterprises.

Our managed hosting solution gives you the confidence that the services your company needs will be managed and maintained. Your web site will operate despite changes in technology and customer demand. Test procedures are implmented to ensure customer's web sites remain operational when software upgrades are required, and if necesary, engineers will review and modify code to ensure the system your business depends on will continue long into the future.

There are many low-cost hosting solutions in the marketplace. These provide control panels and methods to upload and get your site up and running. You can have your dynamic site designed in PERL, PHP, C, Mysql. Your web hosting provider will sooner or later need to update their software. This will usually break your dynamic web site. At promptweb, we will check your web site operates when the system is updated, and usually make changes to the code, even to content management system code such as Joomla and Drupal, to ensure your site does not have to go back to the drawing board.
Migrating to Promptweb
If your web site is not managed, let one of our engineers take care of bringing your site under the care and maintenance of Promptweb. We will listen to your needs, check your site code, to provide a sensible, cost-effective future for your web site. Secure your investment in on-line systems with Promptweb.
Maintaining your site with promptweb
Your web site needs to move with the times. Even though you have a great system which your business depends on, and you have an investment in your content management system, you need bugs in your site fixed, and for the look to move with the times. Our engineers can work with your existing code to provide a leading edge solution, usually avoiding a complete re-design with the associated costs and upheval to your business.